Vendor Application Form

All fees are non – refundable. Fees are per each booth space
Please return all required documents with application to OCHC on or before deadline due date,
after the deadline date, if available the only booth space would be for a non-food vendor.


COOPERATION AGREEMENT: I agree to abide by the rules governing my participation in the Orange County
Black History Culture Faire Event. I understand that the event will take place RAIN or SHINE.
APPLICATION & FEES: All required paperwork and fees are due into OCHC no later than the deadline due
date. All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. The space assignment will be on a first come basis. The booths will be
assigned to the Business name on the application.
SELLER’S PERMIT: The city of Anaheim requires a SELLER’S PERMIT for Vendors selling anything. If
applicable, please obtain a free Temporary Seller’s Permit on your own & submit a copy with your Faire Application.
VENDORS PRODUCTS: CANNOT USE the event name 40th Annual Orange County Black History Parade &
Cultural Faire or any part of our motto: “The Legacy Never Ends…New Vines Grow from Strong Roots”
“Cultivated by Excellence in…the Arts, Athletics, Economics, Education, Service, Health and Community
Involvement” or the short version: “The Legacy Cultivated in Excellence” or any part thereof.
restricted to only the area immediately in front of their booth to distribute materials and display their products. We
want to avoid illegal vending, prevent unnecessary maintenance of the grounds, and discourage others from taking
advantage of the patrons at the CULTURAL FAIRE.
NO ELECTRICITY WILL BE AVAILABLE Each Vendor space will be provided with one canopy booth
(10′ x 10′) with one (1) table and two (2) chairs. Vendors must provide their own table covering and any other table
or chairs needed.
EVENT SECURITY: During the Event, we utilize staff and other private, non-uniformed security personnel. Please
be mindful and use sound judgment in displaying your merchandise and valuables, especially cash. Please do not
jeopardize or compromise your safety and the safety of our patrons.
UNLOADING, SETUP & OPENING: Vendors can unload the morning of the Event from 7:30am to 9:00am.
Vendors should open at 10:00am. If you arrive after 9:00am you must park and cart your goods to your booth space.
Please arrange to bring your own carts and dollies to transfer your equipment and products to your booth. If you do
not arrive within the setup time frame, you may not be permitted to participate in the event for the day and you will
forfeit all fees paid. ALL vehicles must be removed from the Faire area by 9:00am. Please unload and then
immediately move your vehicle to allow others to be able to get in and unload as well.
CLEANUP: Tidiness and a tranquil environment for our vendors, performers, staff and patrons is what we strive
towards. Vendors are responsible for the area within a ten-foot radius of their space. Trash bags are available through
our maintenance staff.
CLOSING/BREAKDOWN: All Vendors are to close promptly at 4:00pm. All Food Vendors are required to
stop cooking at 3:30pm. All Fried Food Vendors must remove their own oil. NO VEHICLE WILL BE
WHICH IS ABOUT 30 plus MINUTES AFTER THE EVENT ENDS. If you need to leave the area before
vehicles are permitted, then you will need to cart your things to your parked car.
APPLICATION DEADLINE – DECEMBER 31, 2019 (food) / JANUARY 7, 2020 (non-food)

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